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Please click on "Video Gallery" to view footage of Justin working Capree Tear at the Dubbo Show Yard Dog Trial in May 2009.


Ameroo Kelpie Stud - Capree Tear

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Our Location
Our Kelpie Stud is located on our 1,500 acre property in Central West NSW, 65km north of Dubbo and 30km south of Gilgandra

Our Kelpies & Our Aim
We currently run white dorper ewes on our property and our Kelpies are used regularly in the paddock, however predominantly they are used for yard work. Our kelpies are also used on a regular basis on our lamb feedlot, loading and unloading trucks as well as shearing shed work.

We are only a relatively small Kelpie Stud. We are not a mass producer of pups and breed pups for our own working purposes and then sell off the remaining pups to working homes. We allocate each of our pups to a new owner based upon the type of work the pup is required for - this can be hard to determine with a 6-8 week old pup, however we do our very best. We believe it is more important that the new owner receives a pup for the type of work that the pup is required for than the pup being chosen due to it's look.

Our aim is to breed large frame, strong, sound minded, level-headed Kelpies that can endure a hard day's work. It is therefore crucial that we put great thought into our joinings and we feel the use of outside "proven" sires works really well for us at this stage, as well as a few of our own sires. Our own sires must be exceptional to retain a position in our Stud.

Our dogs are tattooed, wormed, vaccinated and registered with the Working Kelpie Council of Australia.

We follow Capree and Karrobar bloodlines, as we love the versatility and calmness of these dogs.

Dogs for Sale
We are always breeding and offer for sale: pups and from time to time started dogs and fully trained dogs.

We do not match an owner to a dog, we match a dog to an owner, which is why we seek as much information as possible from our customers about the type of dog required. We then do our very best to match the most suitable dog to our customer.

We do not retain extra pups from litters to train and on-sell.  We look at all of the pups at around 6 weeks of age and retain the pup/s that we feel will suit our own requirements, being:-

1.  General farm work - in yards, feedlot, shearing shed & truck work, with some paddock work.
2.  Stud dog / stud bitch - right frame of dog, friendly, outgoing nature and sound mind.

If upon commencement, during or upon completion of training we do not feel that the dog will suit the above requirements, however will make a great station dog, we offer these dogs for sale as started, going or fully trained dogs.  We will never sell a dog that does not have good station common sense and work.

Pups are Guaranteed to Work (WKC Guarantee)
We give a money back or replacement guarantee that any pup purchased will develop a desire to work by twelve (12) months of age provided that the pup is given proper care and opportunity. For further information about the Working Kelpie Council ("WKC") Guarantee, please visit the page titled "Pups are Guaranteed to Work".

Our Committment
We are committed to our clients, not just during a sale but also after a sale. If you are not happy with the dog you purchase, then neither are we. We want our clients to feel confident that when they purchase a dog we are always here to help with any problems that may arise.

Please do not hesitate to contact Justin or Toni Fuller on (02) 6888 1222 you have any questions about our Kelpies, or to discuss the right dog for you.

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